Gluten Free Bakery Serving Blacksburg, VA
Proudly Serving Christiansburg, Blacksburg, & Radford, VA

Visit Corbin’s Confections for Gluten Free Baked Goods

Corbin’s Confections provides gluten free and nut free baked goods to Christiansburg, VA, and the surrounding areas. Our bakery is a safe place for those with peanut and tree nut allergies, or those with Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Some of our products include:

  • Biscuits
  • Bread Loaves
  • Brownies
  • Cakes
  • Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Donuts
  • Eclairs
  • Pies
  • Rolls
  • Scones
  • Snack Cakes
  • “Whoopsie” Pies
  • Much More!

Call Corbin’s Confections today at (540) 404-0300. We cannot wait to provide you with delicious, gluten free, nut free baked goods. Staff and customers are asked to not bring in any gluten or nut-based food items to keep all allergy sufferers safe from cross contamination. Corbin’s Confections can do egg-free, dairy-free, and soy-free upon ordering.

Christiansburg, Virginia’s Choice for Gluten Free, Nut Free Treats

Food allergies are a serious fear of many people. This is why Corbin’s Confections makes it a priority to create gluten and nut free treats to accommodate those with dietary restrictions. Unfortunately, many restaurants and bakeries do not work to keep ingredients completely gluten, peanut, and tree nuts free. Corbin’s Confections provides residents of Montgomery County, VA, with 100 percent gluten and nut free baked goods. All of our ingredients are guaranteed safe for consumption for those living with Celiac disease and nut allergies.

Special Event Cakes for Blacksburg, VA

Corbin’s Confections provides gluten free, peanut free, and tree nuts free cakes and other baked goods for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and more. From character birthday cakes, to three-tier wedding cake, to dozens of cupcakes for an office party, Corbin’s Confections is here for you. We accept custom orders for Blacksburg-area customers. Please give us appropriate notice before placing an order. Corbin’s Confections stands by our high-quality, delicious baked goods.

Fresh-Baked, Gluten Free Bread for Radford, VA

If you are in Radford, VA, and miss the taste of fresh-baked bread with dinner, or eating a melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk biscuit with breakfast because of Celiac disease, stop by Corbin’s Confections. We specialize in gluten free and nut free baked goods, including all types of bread products. Contact Corbin’s Confections today to place your order. We serve Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and Radford, VA, and the surrounding areas in Montgomery County.

Corbin’s Confections Cake Ordering Requirements

A seven day notice is required for specialty cakes, including vegan and dairy free (subject to availability). Basic birthday cakes require only a three day notice. There will be a $25 expedited fee for cakes ordered with less notice.

Order modifications will not be accepted if made in less than three days before scheduled pick up. For wedding cake consultations, please email [email protected].